Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.


Cry me a river, fuckhead

And now they're coming for your art:

Secret Service Investigates Bush Stamp Art

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.- Secret Service agents attended the opening of the exhibition "Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin," at Columbia College in Chicago. The exhibition includes a work that depicts mock postage stamps depicting a gun pointing to the head of President George W. Bush. The exhibition includes themes such as the Roman Catholic sex abuse scandal, racism and the war in Iraq.

Secret Service spokesman Tom Mazur stated, "We need to ensure, as best we can, that this is nothing more than artwork with a political statement."

He stated that no artwork had been confiscated. A Chicago resident called the Secret Service and this started the investigation. Two federal agents took pictures of some of the works on opening night and asked for contact information for the artists.

GOPers, of course, see no problem with this. Matt Margolis:

Artwork? Political statement? I fail to see how those mock stamp fall under either of those categories. The stamps were created by Chicago "artist" Al Brandtner.

Michael Hernandez de Luna, the curator of the exhibit, was "frightened" by the inquiry.

"It starts questioning all rights, not only my rights or the artists' rights in this room, but questioning the rights of any artist who creates - any writer, any visual artist, any performance artist. It seems like we're being watched," he said.

Cry me a river.

And Ass Missile:

In reality, they aren't that important. But they are contemptible. There is no parallel in modern American history for the virulent hate that the left has generated against President Bush.

This, of course, follows on the heels of Jesse and Michelle Malkin going apeshit because someone put a button up for sale on Cafe Press with a picture of Dubya with a gun to his head (with the caption, "End Terrorism Now.")

Attention, wingnuts: No one is going to assassinate your beloved leader, so calm the fuck down already, OK?

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