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Disgusting nationalism

Blogger for Bush/40-year-old virgin Mark Noonan:

It is a truism today that the United States, as an entity, is heartily disliked around the world. This dislike is ascribed to our actions in the War on Terrorism, but that is just a leftwing, anti-Bush canard; they've disliked us for ages, and never had a thought about giving us a fair shake.


We are, as a people, more genuinely generous, brave and liberty-loving than any other people on earth. Europeans count their generosity in terms of how many people are on the government dole; we count it by how much we give, without telling anyone we did it. Terrorists count their bravery by how many people they kill; we count ours by how many we save at the cost of our best and bravest. The world-wide elite figures they are in favor of freedom because they allow people to engage in whatever sexual activity they wish without so much as raising an eyebrow; we know we are in favor of freedom because we'll defend to the death the freedom of those who hate us.

As an American, I'm happy to be disliked by the people who dislike Americans...those who hate us, hate us because they are despicable people and they can't stand to have Americans around as a living, breathing indictment of their sterile, worthless lives.

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