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Do not kill George W. Bush

Are you threatening me?

Jesse and Michelle Malkin have their panties in a bunch because someone made up shirts on Cafe Press that urged Tom Delay to commit suicide, and a button with a picture of a gun to George W. Bush's head with the caption "End Terrorism Now."

... before the "everybody does it" apologists pooh-pooh this lunatic anti-Bush merchandise: There's tasteless political paraphernalia on both sides of the aisle, but I've already searched and there are currently no "Kill Kerry" products, blood-spattered or otherwise, being sold at Cafe Press ...

"Where's your sense of humor?" the libs will ask.

Where's their decency? Their sanity?

Welcome to the sick world of the pro-assassination Left.

It's funny how wingnuts go apeshit over someone's joking suggestion that one head of state be killed, but they don't blink an eye at the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

I also don't remember them complaining about U.S. attempts to assassinate Salvador Allende or Fidel Castro.

For the record, I do not advocate killing George W. Bush. It would solve nothing, and would make him a martyr.

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