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Bullying and Oppression on Campus

People of Faith Face Accelerating Climate of Persecution

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It appears that biblical morality is now a costly conviction ... In this morally ambiguous age, rules requiring principled behavior are not only foreign to many college administrations -- they are downright hostile to their blurred and hazy policies.

However, there are victims of this moral haziness. In this case, it is a group of devoted young people who are facing astonishing persecution. They have been set apart from the entire campus and branded as undesirable ...

... we can literally witness the building blocks for this agenda being stacked against us. Our biblically-founded beliefs have been apparently determined to be dangerous and valueless.

This is far from a singular issue, as represented by similar instances on many American college campuses. Two recent examples stand out.

Presently, Middlebury (Vermont) College, is debating whether it will require a Christian group to appoint gays to hold leadership posts. In addition, Grinnell (Iowa) College last year banned a student group that has a Bible-based policy stating that only married heterosexuals should have sexual relations.

In other areas of the country, biblical phrases are being expelled from state mottoes, the Ten Commandments are ruled inappropriate for baseball fields, young people are told they cannot distribute religious pamphlets to their classmates, NASA officials tell employees they may not use company e-mail to send out National Day of Prayer messages to co-workers, and people of faith in the workplace are frequently persecuted -- and even fired -- for voicing their biblically-based beliefs. The list of offenses against religious persons in our nation is virtually endless!

It is evident that our nation has declared all-out war on people of faith and it is an ugly, frightening thing to behold.

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