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Google is censoring me

As recently as a couple of days ago, if you did a Google search for "Noah McCullough," my post entitled "I challenge Noah McCullough to a fight" came up on the very first page, about fourth or fifth.

I took some pleasure in imagining little Noah out there somewhere, innocently Googling his own name, and coming across my vow to kick the shit out of him, and perhaps following the link to the post where I dress him down for being such a pussy.

Today, however, this site doesn't turn up on a Google search for "Noah McCullough" until the bottom of the sixth page.

This is too sudden to be an accident. I can only assume that someone from the upper echelons of the Bush administration, possibly Karl Rove, had a little "chat" with the folks at Google.

Shame on Google for allowing the Bush administration to intimidate them into stifling my voice. Another victory for the fascists.

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