Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.


Hey look

These wingnuts have named yours truly the "Liberal Lunatic of the day," in response to my earlier post about the recent trend of tossing food on conservatives:

Dada head is a dickhead and I will only refer to him as such. But this dickhead is featured as today’s liberal lunatic because he so clearly demonstrates the liberal-left mindset. "I can speak my mind freely, if insanely, but if you don't agree with me, you have no right to speak. Shut up. Sit down. Free speech is not a right of all people ~ only the people that think like me.” This is the liberal totalitarianism that many on the left believe but don't express as openly as dickhead here.

But beyond just the free speech aspect, is the demonizing of an ideological opponent. The statement, “Horowitz isn't a person,” attempts to reduce the person to a non-entity. Once a person is a non-entity, they can be degraded, humiliated, attacked, even killed. It doesn’t matter what happens to him or her because “they are not a person.”

Dickhead's website motto is, "attempting to discern the proper role of the sane in an insane world" and posts on his blog, "Dada head has begun blogging as a response to what it sees as an increasingly deranged world, in the hope of offering some solace to others who suffer from the isolation of sanity and all that this implies." Psychiatrists and psychologists have a name for this defense mechanism. It's called projection.

If obscenity is the mark of a weak mind, dickhead has a very weak mind, indeed. This guy is also out of all touch with anything real ~ your classic liberal lunatic.

Woo hoo! Previous winners include Jane Fonda, Al Gore, Dan Rather, and Paul Krugman.

Oh, I suppose I should point out that the above post exhibits a complete misunderstanding of the concept of free speech, as do so many comments on this issue that spew forth from the mouths of right-wingers. Freedom of speech is, of course, the freedom from government sanctions on speech. It has nothing to do with pie.

But anyway, I proudly accept this honor. After all, if wingnuts didn't think I was insane, I would know that I was doing something very wrong.

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