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Hitler, Stalin, Derrida: The 20th century's greatest evildoers

According to Janice Shaw Crouse, that is. Via World O'Crap:

The cost of 'having it all'

Postmodern thinking offered women the opportunity to 'have it all.'Women flocked into the marketplace where they are having unprecedented success... Sadly, though, sexual liberation came as part of the post-modern package and gals began rivaling the guys in bed hopping, too.

Now we are learning the price those women are paying. Turns out sexual 'freedom' wasn't exactly free. This week, the Beverly LaHaye Institute (the think tank for Concerned Women for America) released its latest Data Digest which chronicles a disturbing trend for women: since 1976, the rate of childlessness has gone up between 50 and 90 percent among women in every age bracket, and the rate of singleness among women over age 30 has tripled.

My word! I'd no idea spinsterhood was so rampant!

Nobody mentioned in the mid-70s that 'having it all' would not include marriage and children ... So-called sexual freedom, loudly touted by libertines and radical feminists, has brought soaring rates of sexually transmitted diseases and plummeting rates of marriage. Abortion has eliminated 45 million pregnancies and left behind a host of problems ...

Yes, I've always thought the one thing the world needed was 45 million more people.

Millions of women are finding, through bitter experience, that ... at the end of the day--when the iPod and cellphone sit in their chargers, when the television’s relentless barrage is finally silent-- there is no hand to hold and no baby to cuddle.

Such loneliness is the sad ending to the promise of 'having it all.'

Today in America, we are beginning to reckon with the bitter harvest from the scourge of self-centered 'me-ism.' The moral relativism of post-modernism has resulted in a culture that scorns marriage, casually embraces cohabitation, and dismisses divorce; such values have decimated the family for the last 50 years.

Drinking from the springs of a false ideology can steal priceless, irreplaceable elements of life for years before its tragic consequences are evident and its true nature revealed for all to see.For instance, the millions of deaths from Hitler'’s Nazi horror or in Stalin'’s Gulags, or the bloody massacres of today's suicidal terrorists, reveal all too clearly the true character and the threat of counterfeit creeds.

Wow. I've never thought of it like that before. I'm willing to bet you haven't either.

Who is this 'Janice Shaw Crouse' anyway? Her brief bio from Town Hall says:

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse is Senior Fellow at Concerned Women for America. She authors the Data Digest, a publication that analyzes and interprets trends in new data that affect women's well-being.

Well, when her husband gives her a few hours off from baking pies, that is!

Janice, I have a question: if you were going to write an entire column blaming a certain 'ideology' for the greatest evil since the Holocaust, don't you think you might bother to devote, oh, a paragraphy or two to defining or summarizing it? Especially when the ideology in question is an obscure, outdated academic mini-trend?

You know what? I am beginning to suspect that you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

But since when did wingnuts feel the need to know what they're talking about? Especially when you can just serve up the same old Limbaughisms disguised in a vague approximation of scholarly locution, saying things like "universities today are hotbeds of postmodernism" even though that is a total fucking lie. Throw in a few remarks comparing your enemies to history's evilest monsters, and yourself to its bravest martyrs, and you're ready for the cover of Time Magazine.

Dirty, dirty wingnuts.

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