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Michelle Malkin is a FRAUD

And also, she is a dumbshit. Her post from today is supposed to demonstrate her "independence" because she criticizes one of the Right's own, a Boston Herald columnist who was paid to promote Gov. Romney's environmental policies:

Disclosure is not the only issue. Perception matters, too. Do we really need another paid partisan hack to confirm what the liberal MSM already unfairly assumes of all conservatives in the media--that we're all on the payroll of the Republican Party and incapable of independent journalism?

Take off the Bad Idea Jeans and show better judgement, people. Crikey.

OK, first of all, Michelle: stop complaining about the "MSM" ("Mainstream Media"). YOU ARE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, YOU STUPID TWIT.

Second of all, "take off the Bad Idea Jeans"?!? For fuck's sake, what a lame-ass attempt at a humorous pop-culture reference. ("Bad Idea Jeans" was a Kevin Nealon-era Saturday Night Live skit, and was not all that funny or memorable.)

Hey, Michelle, if you really want to be hip, throw in some references to New Coke, "We Are the World," or Jams while you're at it.

Malkin is also, apparently, a total fraud. Several days ago, Auguste at MalkinWatch made the following accusation:

Jesse Malkin [Michelle's husband] has a great deal of influence on Michelle's writing, even to the point of posting on her blog, probably on a regular basis. I think it's very possible that the books were cowritten as well; In Defense of Internment was written over a period of sixteen months, the last six (or so) of which Jesse was at home.

Never one to jump to conclusions, I emailed Mrs. Malkin about this accusation, figuring it was only fair to notify her that people were saying such things about her, and to give her a chance to deny these claims. I wrote:

Mrs. Malkin --

Hello. I am a blogger who often reads your posts and comments on. I have noticed that another blog,, has made the accusation that much of your blog is in fact written by your husband, though still posted under your name.

If true, this would be a significant deception. Is it? Is every post on your blog written by you and only you (unless otherwise noted)? Does your husband ever post to your blog?

If these accusations are false, I would very much like to know that. Thank you for your time.

I didn't hear back, so I wrote another email:

Are these claims true? Does your husband write any of the posts on your blog? Does he help write your books?

Please respond; your readers have a right to know whether or not you are misrepresenting yourself. If this is all nonsense, please tell me so and I will believe you. But it's hard to know what to think when you are completely silent on this issue.

Thank you for your time.

Still, no answer. So, given her refusal to even deny the charges against her, I am assuming, using the Mark McGwire/George W. Bush rule--if you won't deny it, you probably did it--that Mr. Malkin is indeed responsible for a significant portion of the content on Michelle's blog and in her book.

So spread the word: Michelle Malkin is a fraud; much of the work that appears under her name is actually written by her husband, Jesse.

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