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Not quite

Matt Margolis, editor of Blogs for Bush / canker sore on the lip of humanity, writes:

It's time for the Republicans to play their hand. Force the Democrats to filibuster. Force them to stall the Senate. When they do, more Americans will see what a bunch of partisan obstructionists the Democrats really are.

That's funny. According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, when asked:

"Which of the following roles would you like to see the Democrats in Congress play? (A) Work in a bipartisan way with Republicans to help pass President Bush's legislative priorities so that we do not have gridlock. OR, (B) Provide a balance to make sure that President Bush and the Republicans do not go too far in pushing their agenda."

30% say (A) [help pass Bush plan] and 63% say (B) [provide a balance].

And when asked:

"As you may know, in the last term of Congress some senators used a procedure called a filibuster when it came to some of President Bush's judicial nominees. When this happens, it takes the votes of 60 senators instead of 51 to end debate and hold a confirmation vote for a nominee. In your opinion, should the Senate maintain the filibuster rule or eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations?"

50% say maintain the fillibuster and 40% say eliminate it.

But according to Matt, the people will be outraged over the Democrats ... doing what they want them to do.

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