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The plight of persecuted rich white people

From David Limbaugh:

Left Never Tires Of Christian Bashing

If I didn't know better, I would think liberal politicians and columnists were out to prove the thesis of my book -- that there truly is a war being waged against Christianity and Christians in the United States.

Oh, yes, they deny it and attempt to turn the tables, saying it's Christians who are the belligerent ones, trying to take over the country and establish a theocracy. If it's not the New York Times' Maureen Dowd, it's her colleague Paul Krugman. It it's not them, it's John Kerry. They are all up in arms about Christianity and its influence in politics, governance and the public square.

What are these people so exercised about? Why must they insist on demonizing Christians? Why do they fear them so? Why are they so paranoid about them participating in politics and government?

... The war against Christians has intensified with the recent controversy over ending the Democrats' (nearly) unprecedented filibustering of judicial nominees ...

They are especially upset with Senate majority leader Bill Frist for agreeing to participate in "Justice Sunday," an event organized by Christian groups to rally Christians to support politicians trying to end the judicial filibuster. Frist's opponents ... have registered disgust that Christian politicians and Christian groups would presume to approach this issue from the perspective of their Christian worldview.

... Dowd's wrongheaded notion that "a person's relationship with God should be a private matter," needs to be vigorously challenged.

... Where did we get this crazy idea that Christians can't base their support and opposition of candidates, issues and even laws on Christian morality? Dowd's specious assertion ignores that the overwhelming majority of our Founding Fathers formed this government on Christian principles. Most of our laws, civil and criminal -- from trespassing, to stealing, assault, rape and murder -- are grounded in morality, and it is an astonishing deception to suggest otherwise.

Who would have guessed that Rush got all the brains in the family?

Oh, and the problem with "Justice Sunday" wasn't that Christians "presume to approach this issue from the perspective of their Christian worldview. " It's that it was hosted by someone with close ties to white supremacist groups.

There is disturbingly little daylight between the mainstream GOP and openly racist organizations. Incidentally, they share a common delusion--i.e., that there is a "war on America's Christian heritage" being waged by the 'secular left'.

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