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Something smells fishy ...

... and not in a good way, either. From MSNBC:

Escapee, assistant warden’s wife turn up

Woman says man held her captive for 10 years

OKLAHOMA CITY - The wife of a deputy prison warden who vanished 10 years ago with an escaped killer told authorities after she was found that he had held her captive the whole time, a federal agent said Tuesday.

A tip generated by the TV show “America’s Most Wanted” led law enforcement to a mobile home in Campti, Texas, where escaped convict Randolph Dial was arrested Monday, said Salvador Hernandez, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oklahoma.

The assistant warden’s wife, Bobbi Parker, 42, was found a short time later working at a chicken farm not far from Campti, agents said. They were living together in the same trailer and she had stayed with Dial out of fear for her family, Hernandez said.

She was later reunited with her husband, Randy, with FBI agents present who “said the reunion went well,” he said. The couple have two daughters, who were 8 and 10 at the time of the disappearance.

Dial, a sculptor and painter, was convicted of the 1981 murder of a karate instructor. He had obtained trusty status at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite in southwestern Oklahoma, and he ran an inmate pottery program with Bobbi Parker and had access to their home, in staff housing on prison grounds, during the day.

Is it really possible to be held against your will, by a single person, for ten years? Seems more likely to be a case of Patty Hearst/Stockholm Syndrome ...

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