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This shit is not funny

I've noticed that a lot of conservative bloggers have a comic strip at the top of their page called Day by Day. For instance, this guy. Apparently you can add a little html script to your blog in order to display a new cartoon every day.

This cartoon, though, is like offensively unfunny (click to enlarge):

Now, I don't mean that the strip is unfunny because it's offensive; I mean it's offensive because it's unfunny. As in, you should have to be about a million times funnier than this guy is to have a comic strip.

And this is one of the funnier ones. I had to dig through the guy's archives just to find one that actually had a joke or even a point. It's really kind of sad.

But if conservatives think Ann Coulter is funny, I guess it's not surprising that they'll laugh at this shit. But come on, guys! Surely there's a wingnut cartoonist out there somewhere who can do better than this. Hell, this strip even makes Mallard Fillmore look witty and clever (click to enlarge image).

You see, Millard Fillmore was an American president from the 19th century. The character in the strip is a duck, so his name is Mallard Fillmore.

Get it?

It's not very funny, is it? But it kinda looks like something that might sort of start to begin to resemble funny when you compare it to Day By Day.

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