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The blogger who calls himself The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is literally out of his fucking mind. I'm not being hyperbolic. By any reasonable definition of insanity, this post (which comes via Daou) is insane:

Why do the Democrats now accuse people of faith of despicable demagoguery? Well, because people of faith dare to make the charge that the Democrats are lynching people of faith, and they make the charge while standing under an old elm tree with a rope around their neck. "String the bastard up! He dares accuse us of lynching him!"

Now, I think--I think--this is supposed to be metaphorical, that he doesn't actually think Democrats are lynching people. But to even think this is accurate (or appropriate) as a metaphor is completely fucking nuts. I can't believe this has become the type of discourse that is considered legitimate.

Attention, members of the Religious Right: you are not a fucking oppressed minority. You are not being subjugated by liberal heathen elites. Just because the Supreme Court says that a public school can't organize a prayer circle doesn't mean your religion is in danger of being wiped from the earth. Is Christianity that fragile? Is your commitment to it so tenuous that the absence of school prayer is going to discourage you from practicing your faith? If not, stop your whining.

... 'lynching people of faith' ... you know what? How fucking dare you make such an analogy? How dare you? You want to know what real oppression looks like, you vile mother fucker? You want to know what it looks like when lynching isn't just a metaphor? Well, take a look, you ignorant fuck:

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Now do me a favor. Scroll back up and look again. Look at each of those pictures carefully, and try to imagine the sheer human misery that they represent. Try to imagine what it must be like to know even a tiny percentage of the pain that the people hanging from those trees, and the people they left behind, had to endure.

Now tell me again about the oppression you've endured.

People have been and continue to be persecuted for all manner of things, including their religious faith. But not American Christians. It just isn't happening. Ask the Jewish people what religious persecution looks like, and see if it bears any resemblance to the life of a white Christian in the United States. Ask a concentration camp survivor, and see if they sympathize with you.

I apologize to anyone offended or disturbed by the above images. I really do. Please believe me when I say that I wouldn't post pictures like that lightly, or just to prove a point. But the fact that someone could even say what this person did makes me wonder if people have lost touch with the reality of these things. I realize I'm being self-righteous, but I truly believe it is our duty to call people out when they try to pull shit like this.

I've had enough of this. I've had absolutely enough. This is fucking insanity. I am tired of playing make-believe. I am fucking sick of this 1984 bullshit where everyone pretends to believe what everyone knows damn well isn't true. I am tired of having to point out obvious lies. I am tired of indulging the fantasies of lunatics.

Redeem your humanity now and apologize for spitting on the graves of those who actually had to suffer the oppression that you are cruelly and shamefully trying to co-opt.

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