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U.S. to Iraqis: Eat shit (literally)

Bush cultists continue to insist that things are going ever-so-swimmingly in Iraq:

We're Winning

Oh yes we are.

The Naysayers have had their day. While much could still go wrong, we turned the corner some time ago and are on the way to wrapping this up. The terrorists will create trouble for awhile, but the prospect of their taking control of the Iraqi government is now remote ... Our troops became the equivalent to FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps, employing Iraqis in thousands of public works projects.


No doubt much went wrong at first. In retrospect, it almost seems obvious that this should have been the case. When one thinks back on most American wars, from the Revolution to the Civil War (from the North's perspective) to World War II, they all follow the same pattern; initial mishaps if not diasasters, incorrect assuptions, American rethinking, and finally we get our act together and utterly defeat our enemy.

But one of the nasty naysayers, Josh Buermann, obviously hasn't gotten the news:

There has been no reconstruction, but wouldn't I love to join in praising their vitrescent god if these incompetent, chickenhawk, cowpoking eggheads had actually reconstructed anything. For the love of fucking tits, the country isn't even on the mend yet, it's just falling further apart.

Now, Josh tries to pretend that his grim prognosis is based not on his depraved America-hating but rather on 'facts', a typical ploy of the moonbat left:

IRAQ: Doctors fear hepatitis outbreak

BAGHDAD, 18 April (IRIN) - Doctors in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, fear an outbreak of hepatitis, following an increase in cases reported by the Infectious Diseases Control Centre (IDSC) last week.

Officials said the increase was due to poor sewage control, particularly in suburbs of the city.

Dr Abdul Jalil, director of the IDSC, told IRIN that there had been a 30 percent increase in hepatitis cases in March 2005 compared to the same period in 2004, and that open sewers and polluted water were exacerbating the problem.


Jalil added that there had also been an increase in typhoid, tuberculosis (TB) and other water-borne diseases. He called for immediate action to control the situation.

"The system of sanitation in the capital should be fixed quickly. The Ministry of Public Works is moving slowly to solve this problem and it's affecting the health of Iraqis," Jalil explained.

In addition, Baghdad still has old sewage and water channels which haven't been repaired. The channels often run beside each other and lack of electricity has caused water to be pumped at low pressure, causing sewage to seep into the fresh water delivery system.


Jalil added that medicine for the treatment of patients, particularly for hepatitis B, could not be found in the country. He said they had asked Kimadia, the national drug company of the MoH, for help but there was a shortage of medicines and funds.

The WHO in Iraq told IRIN that it had offered to help the MoH by supplying tablets for water purification and awareness for families on how to prevent such diseases from spreading. But health officials maintain that all efforts are insignificant if the main cause of the disease, poor sewage treatment in the country, isn't rectified.

So many stories like this one; it's a good thing we've the right-wing blogs, or else our vision of the glorious American triumph that is Iraq might be obscured by the fact that the people there are INGESTING FECES.

Of course, the moonbats would prefer that they be eating their own shit under the watch of their hero Saddam Hussein, instead of wholesome, American-occupied sewage.

Freedom FecesTM, I like to call it.

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