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Why are wingnuts upset about this picture?

This is an advertisement that Time Magazine has been running:

Powerline blogger John Hinderaker (nee "Hindrocket," or, as some call him, "Ass Missile") complains:

"Know why." Know why what? Why American soldiers are beaten and dispirited, I guess. Why we're losing in Iraq. Is there any other way to read this ad? I've studied it more than I'd like to admit, and I can't think of any. If you want to know why American soldiers are defeated and demoralized, read Time.

... this strikes me as a really bad way to sell a news magazine. Defeatism has never gone over well with the American people, and I think all but the most obtuse have figured out by now that we are winning, not losing, in Iraq.

Promoting news magazines in today's media environment isn't easy. If I were running one of the weekly news magazines, like Time, I'd try to stake out a niche as the magazine that is on America's side. I think it would sell. And I also think it would be the gateway to more accurate and balanced reporting.

Mark Tapscott asks "Does Time know what time it is?"

... the ad vividly demonstrates an institution wholly out of touch with reality. The evidence grows by day that the U.S. effort in Iraq is becoming an historic success. A murderous tyrant will soon face justice from the people he oppressed for nearly four decades. A democratically elected government is in place and solidifying a regime change that goes far beyond its own borders. And American military might has again been shown to be a force for peace and democracy, not conquest and death.

Clearly the world evoked by this Time display requires a special kind of myopia, the sort that doesn't have a clue about things like the truths of the times.

Liberal Quicksand accuses Time of

tak[ing] great glee in trying to show a soldier in a not-so-favorable light.

So far, to my knowledge, Michelle Malkin has yet to comment upon this dastardly advertisement.

I mean, how dare someone insinuate that fighting in a war is anything but summer camp except with tanks and guns? How dare they suggest that being a soldier isn't all rose petals and glory and blowjobs of gratitude from liberated Iraqi women?

Obviously, the people at Time magazine think that warfare sometimes, you know, sucks--that killing people, seeing your friends get killed, getting your ass shot at, worrying about driving over a land mine, being away from your family for months at a time or more, etc. might not be the most pleasant set of experiences. Haven't they seen Top Gun?

Why do you hate America, Time Magazine?

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