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Yes, the pope was a Nazi, and yes, it matters

The human species has yet to exorcise the demons of the first half of the 20th century. Until it does so, it will be unable to look at itself in the mirror.

Max from MaxSpeak calls for an end to the "unreasoning, near-hysterical attacks that dwell on his youth in Nazi Germany."

Max is full of shit. This post from Body and Soul, which comes to us via Majikthise, explains why:

... talking about the pope's past is -- from a moral, if not a political standpoint -- not only fair, but essential ... Ratzinger has said that resistance to Nazism was "impossible," a word echoed by his brother in the recent Times of London article that revived the issue of the then cardinal's wartime experiences. Resistance was impossible. I'm sorry, but that's a blatant falsehood.


Clearly, when Ratzinger and his brother (who is also a priest) say that anti-Nazi resistance was "impossible," they're lying. And it's not an insignificant or harmless lie. Denying the option of resistance insults, indeed, denies the existence of, a lot of people who made far braver and more difficult decisions than the Ratzingers. Failing to exhibit extraordinary courage is human and understandable. Denying the extraordinarily courageous their due is shameful. Denying moral agency is surely unworthy of a man who would be pope.

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