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Young'uns turning their backs on gays?

It has been a truism of conventional wisdom that young people are generally much more tolerant of homosexuality than their elders. But Mark Noonan casts doubt on this, pointing to a recent Gallup poll showing strong support for a Constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage:

Some of the things which I thought especially interesting were the results which showed that younger people (18-29) support a Constitutional amendment by a 56/39 margin (so much for the concept that gay marriage proponents just have to wait until the younger generation grows up), while the demographic with the least support for an amendment is people 50-64 (ie, the cream of the Baby Boomer generation), who only support such an amendment by a 51/45 margin.

This is indeed surprising. My guess: young people are tolerant, but they are also easily swayed, and there's been a huge upswing in anti-gay rhetoric lately.

However, it should be kept in mind that many of these young people are still in college, and that by the time they get out they will surely be homosexuals themselves, which could change the numbers.

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