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American people not so crazy about Bush

Via Oliver Willis:
CBS Poll: Bush Out Of Touch

Four months into his second term, President Bush is increasingly viewed as being out of touch with the American people, according to a CBS News poll. Six in ten Americans say the president does not share their priorities, while just 34 percent say he does – the lowest numbers for Mr. Bush since the eve of his first inauguration ... Overall, slightly more Americans (48 percent) disapprove of the job the president is doing than approve (46 percent).

... Although he's spent months on the road campaigning for Social Security reform, Mr. Bush still gets only a 26 percent approval rating for his handling of the issue ... Mr. Bush's approval rating on the economy is just 38 percent... Approval of the president's handling of Iraq remained virtually unchanged at 38 percent. But after another violent month, a majority of Americans, 57 percent, again say things there are going badly for the U.S. in Iraq...

These truly are pathetic numbers; even my conservative friends can't deny that. I'm not sure Democrats should gloat too much, though; our side did, after all, lose to this very unpopular president just a few months ago. We might want to try to figure out exactly why.

And no, it wasn't because the Dems weren't conservative enough; it wasn't because they weren't in touch with red state values. The last thing we need is more Toby Keith Democrats. In my humble opinion, the best thing the Democrats could do for themselves electorally is to put forth a credible message of economic populism. We don't need to compromise on abortion, or even civil unions (though we could stand to change public perception on the gun issue). People who vote based on gays or abortion are never going to vote Democratic. But if more rural, working-class voters thought that the Democrats would truly look out for their economic interests, you might just see a decisive victory for the Dems in '06 or 08.

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