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Bernie Sanders for Senate

I can't tell you how happy I am that Bernie Sanders is running for Senate from Vermont. In an era where Hillary Clinton is considered a radical leftist, it will be nice to have a real progressive in a real position of power.

I'm predicting a political sea change in the coming years. If the peak oil theories are even close to being correct, there's going to be a major shortage of natural resources, and I doubt that people will be willing to put up with private businesses setting the terms for their use. People may be willing to live with unbridled capitalism when resources are plentiful, but when they're not, the insanity of letting them be controlled by private interests will hit home in a major way. You know how pissed everyone gets when they have to pay more than $2 a gallon for gas? Imagine what it will be like when they're paying $10 a gallon, or more. See how long your laissez-faire capitalism lasts then.

The reason I bring this up is that, as many of you know, Bernie Sanders self-describes as an 'democratic socialist'. I've been advocating the 'rehabilitation' of socialism, in the acknowledgment that with the exception of extreme right-wingers, we are all socialists to some degree. As Paul Rosenberg wrote about a month ago on My DD:

If the word "socialism" had not been so successfully demonized, it would be a lot more easy to talk about solving some of our most pressing problems. Such as our health care system, which leaves 40-some million people uninsured, and spends more money on paperwork than Washington ever dreamed of.

We need to keep this fundamental reality in mind when ProudUnionDem posts a diary saying:

Bernie Sanders isn't one of these politicians that the wingnuts of the Rep party call a socialist. He calls himself a socialist! He claims to be a "proud" socialist. The last thing we need is to be associated with this nut even though he does often vote correctly.

He is saying that we ought to buy into the hysterical demonization of socialism. That we ought to help spread it ourselves. That we should become part of the very problem that is destroying informed rational self-government in our nation. He is saying we should be part of that problem, rather than fighting those responsible for it. Rather than letting Bernie Sanders perform a valuable public service--not just the ordinary service of public office, which he has performed excellently--but the further service of helping to detoxify the label of "socialism" so that we can think and talk about our political problems and possible solutions in a much more sane and balanced way.

I couldn't agree more. The election of Bernie Sanders to the Senate could be a historic event, the beginning of a new era of saner political discourse.

If you want to donate to Sanders' campaign, you can click on the image below to go to his campaign website.

For more about Sanders, take a look here.

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