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Capitalism and Cartesian dualism

I received an advertisement for a new book called 'The Fiction of a Thinkable World: Body, Meaning, and the Culture of Capitalism' by Michael Steinberg. This was the description:
In the culture of the modern West, we see ourselves as thinking subjects, defined by our conscious thought, autonomous and separate from each other and the world we survey. Current research in neurology and cognitive science shows that this picture is false. We think with our bodies, and in interaction with others, and our thought is never completed ...

The fiction of a world separated from each of us as we are separated from each other, from which we make our choices in solitary thought, is enacted by the voter in the voting booth and the consumer at the supermarket shelf. The structures of daily experience in capitalist society reinforce the fictions of the Western intellectual tradition, stunt human creativity, and create the illusion that the capitalist order is natural and unsurpassable. Steinberg reveals the ethical roots of this condition and shows how our actions can be brought in accord with the world as it is, in its ever-changing interaction and mutual transformation.

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