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I haven't yet had a chance to really analyze the compromise that was just reached in the Senate, but judging from the reaction at Freeper Nation, reported by Atta Turk, it can't be all bad:

I just left the GoP. I'm done with them. Cowards.

We've been snookered again. Picture Lucy whipping the football out from under Charlie Brown for about the millionth time.

What the HELL is this???????? We don't need a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious. I will NOT SEND ANY MORE MONEY TO THE REPUBS. We didn't NEED a deal and we don't WANT a deal!!!

Not another frigging dime or a minute of my time, I stay home in 06' or vote libertarian. Unfreakin believable

If this is true it is truly an outrage. The only deal is the one the crats got. Everything they wanted. We got nothing. Only thing to do now is support a third party that can hopefully pick up 10-15% of the vote and use it as leverage to bargain.

... also, this wingnut compares Bill Frist to Neville Chamberlain (for 'appeasing' the Nazi Democrats), and this one says that the GOP has been 'date raped'.

Gotta love wingnuts. (Via LaShawn Barber.)

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