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Don't quit your day job

Full-time Bush shill Mark Noonan tries to moonlight at philosophy:
There is a huge amount of doubt in life; but there are some things certain. Namely, that we are alive and we will die. These are two indisputable facts and they play merry hob with a skeptics worldview.

Merry hob???

Here we go, gearing ourselves up to doubt everything...and then we're lying on our couch one afternoon after watching a football game and while stretching we notice our wonderful, glorious arms and hands moving gracefully above our heads and, whammo!, we realise that at a time certain these magnificent examples of life will lie rotting in the ground, to move no more. Can't doubt that. So, it dawns on us, there is certainty in life...

If there is certainty, whence it comes? You start thinking about all the impossible things which have happened, and you realise that the most impossible is that we are here at all. Even if you take the word of the complete evolutionist, it still will not explain how inanimate matter transformed itself into self-replicating DNA...nor will it really explain where all the stuff in the Big Bang came from. Some thing started it all and why don't we, just for the sake of argument, call some thing God?

That was a pretty clever trick of God; even if it was just starting the evolutionary ball rolling. Might sound like a yawner to some, but let's see someone else start up a universe. The progression then proceded fairly rapidly: if God could create a universe, then He can (if He wishes) take an interest in what happens post-creation; if He can take an interest, why wouldn't He?; upon taking an interest, why wouldn't He reveal Himself?; ... So now I wind up with three certainties: I'm alive; I shall die; there is a God. I'm past the first, the second shall come at time undetermined, the third stands above it all.

I suppose it's possible there's an argument in here somewhere, but damned if I can find it. This is actually one of the most pathetic things I've ever read.

Might want to leave theology to the big boys, Markie.

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