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Eat it, wingnuts

I hate this catchphrase, but it's possible that the right-wing blogger brigade has 'jumped the shark' with their latest orgy of delirious, self-aggrandizing head-hunting. I think the absurdity of these warmongering chickenhawk mother fuckers, who never met a daisy cutter or a death squad they didn't like, suddenly crying crocodile tears over dead foreigners is just a little too obvious.

The Poor Man on Instapundit and the rest of the warbloggers:
Glenn Reynolds, Senior Fellow in Torture Excusing at the Institute for Advanced Onanism, is outraged .. This is coming from a guy who spent every week agitating for war with Iraq on the grounds that Saddam was probably involved in 9/11, and trumping up every half-baked rumor which seemed, if you squinted really, really hard, to back that up ...

Interestingly, this lie, one of many which Glenn enthusiastically promoted up to and beyond the point of absurdity, was instrumental in launching a war which has killed, to date, over 1,600 American soldiers, and an estimated 100,000 Iraqis ...

A thousand bloggers quote Reynolds quote The Washington Times quoting Laurie Mylroie quoting Doug Feith making shit up, and then pick up on a retracted story from an insufficiently jingoistic magazine piece as evidence of their greatness - a three-ring circle jerk driving the country into war, but none dare call it wanking.

... by the way, wingnutters: spare me your pathetic whining, you sorry bunch of pussies.

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