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House of cards

The Liberal Avenger, also commenting on Olbermann piece, makes some damn good points:

This Newsweek/piss-on-the-Koran affair has been shameful.

Shameful not because Newsweek printed the story - I think we all know deep in our hearts that it is true.

Scott McClellan hung Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers out to dry yesterday. This was shameful in how it epitomizes the Administration's desperate failure to take responsibility for anything. The McClellan and wingnut response to this issue is effectively an explicit admission that everything we've accomplished to date in Afghanistan is so transient - so much of an illusion - that our entire effort there can be destroyed before our eyes as the direct result of a single paragraph of text appearing in a shitty American weekly magazine.

The joke that "If you let this happen then the terrorists have won!" isn't ironic or funny this time. If a paragraph about what's going on in Guantanamo - even if it was a complete, spiteful fabrication (which we know it is not) - can knock down the entire house of cards in Afghanistan, then the terrorists have indeed won.

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