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Intelligent design: any takers?

Anti-evolutionists have done a remarkable job getting press for their crusade to include so-called 'intelligent design' theory in school curricula. But besides the people at the Discovery Institute, does anybody actually believe in 'intelligent design'?

The NY Times today has six letters from readers about the issue; all six are against intelligent design. This made me realize: I've never actually encountered anybody who believes in this 'theory.' Are these people out there? I've run into people with all kinds of crazy views--people who believe Saddam was behind 9/11, that the Bush administration went to war with Iraq to 'liberate' Iraqis (though this one could be true if you understand 'liberate' in a Buddhist-sort of way, as in 'liberating' people from the world of samsara, i.e. liberating them from their lives), that Christians are being persecuted, etc. But I've never, ever encountered a single individual who claimed that evolution was mistaken and subscribed to 'intelligent design' theory.

Are you out there?

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