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La Shawn Barber admits her conservative readers are racists

OK, that might be over-stating things a bit. But look at this (note: Alicia Hardin is the black college student who sent fake racist mail to other black students in an effort to convince her parents that the school was unsafe; Jenifer Wilbanks is the woman who disappeared right before her wedding and then made up a story about being kidnapped; Wilbanks is white):

If nineteen-year-old Alicia Hardin is facing charges stemming from her fake hate mail campaign, Jennifer Wilbanks had better be charged for faking her own kidnapping. If not, I’m afraid my conservative readers will be disappointed with subsequent posts. They will be rants about the apparent racial bias between the two cases.

So let me see if I understand: this is a case of legitimate racial bias, but if you point that out, you expect your conservative readers to be upset? Why on earth would they be upset about your calling attention to a genuine instance of racism? Unless, that is, they are racists.

Now, I'm not saying they are racists; La Shawn Barber is (saying that). Anyone who has a problem with someone complaining about true racism must themselves be a racist. Yet the prospect that a significant part of her readership (she is a conservative blogger; presumably most of her readers are conservatives) are racists doesn't seem to bother La Shawn (who herself is black).


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