Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.


The Left

According to Liberal Quicksand:

The left is in a free-fall. The socialist-commune hippie children of the 60's are running the Democratic Party. Their only view of the US and our use of the military was the Vietnam War ... and maybe the Korean War. The Democrats butchering of the management of both wars is truly one for the ages. So a liberal's whole outlook on our military is that they are bullies and losers -even though it was Democrat politicians responsible for the defeats.

... Their historic hero president is FDR - who had communists in his administration and who brought full fledged socialism into the mainstream of the American psyche ... he set up the bombing of Pearl Harbor to even get his liberal bed-wetting constituents into a fighting mood. Well, not all of them. The Dems had French-style Americans in their party's ranks - even back then. But the commies in FDR's cabinet knew Uncle Joe Stalin needed help!

... you can see why the left is getting crazy. They have dropped the masks of being pro-American in many places. The liberal press and media openly lies to the American people to hurt our war efforts and our troops, and then defends the lie.

These spoiled, self-centered, pot smoking, free-loving, no responsibility, one world love-fest liberals know that their agenda has a 60 year record of failure and the American people are starting to turn away from it. As the conservative movement that has grown underground begins to rise, these self-appointed know-it-all liberals are coming unglued. The battle is heating up.


The heat is being turned up - by both sides. The blatant liberal treason must be met - NOW!

NOW, bitches!

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