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Liberal Quicksand is making some sense

You heard me! From LQ:
Why the Patriot Act is Unconstitutional

... Bush 43 signing this into law was the most treasonous act imaginable ...

"For those who think only a liberal would make a stink about government overreach in as noble a cause as the war on terrorism, Barr offers five reasons why conservatives should be leading the charge against the Patriot Act.

  1. It knocks the stuffing out of the Fourth Amendment which mandates the maximum respect for the sancitity of a citizen's home and personal property. It establishes the rights of the individual are equal to the power of the government.
  2. It allows secret searches of homes and offices without timely notification to their occupants and permits the secret seizure of private property. These are police state tactics.
  3. It permits the government to employ secret courts to collect data on the private lives of citizens, ranging from library check-outs to gun purchases, without judicial checks and balances.
  4. It defines terrorist activity so broadly it could be applied against all manner of political dissenters.
  5. The power of the Patriot Act does not expire with the Bush administration. Some Republican conservatives may trust that GWB 43 will not misuse the extraordinary powers bestowed by the Patriot Act. But will they feel as comfortable when a President Hillary wields them?"
My fellow Americans, our freedoms are almost gone - thanks to both of our main political parties.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled wingnuttiness.

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