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More wingnut philosophy

GOP shills should really stick to what they do best; as we saw when Blogger for Bush Mark Noonan attempted to deduce the existence of God by stretching his arms in the air (or something like that), their forays into the realm of philosophy/theology can be exceedingly ugly. More evidence of this comes in the form of Dennis Prager's latest column:
Secularism and the meaningless life: Judeo-Christian values: Part XIII

As I have noted on occasion, there are three values systems competing for world dominance: Islam, European style secularism/socialism and Judeo-Christian values. As the competition in America is between the second two ... my columns on Judeo-Christian values have concentrated on differences between Judeo-Christian and secular values.

Perhaps the most significant difference between them, though one rarely acknowledged by secularists, is the presence or absence of ultimate meaning in life ...

... If there is no God who designed the universe and who cares about His creations, life is ultimately purposeless ... the fact that people feel that their lives are meaningful -- as a parent, a caregiver, an artist, or any of the myriad ways in which we feel we are doing something meaningful -- has no bearing on the question of whether life itself is ultimately meaningful. A physician understandably views his healing of people as meaningful, but if he does not believe in God, he will have to honestly confront the fact that as meaningful as healing the day's patients has been, ultimately everything is meaningless because life itself is. In this sense, it is far better for an individual's peace of mind to be a poor peasant who believes in God than a successful neurosurgeon who does not. If there is no God as Judeo-Christian religions understand Him, life is a meaningless random event. You and I are no more significant, our existence has no more meaning, than that of a rock on Mars ...

...Whatever the logical inconsistencies or theoretical arguments in either direction, the fact remains that while secular individuals can believe that their own lives have meaning, secularism by definition denies that life has meaning. The consequences have been devastating to mental health and to social order.

Totally deep, man. When I get the time, I'll have to go back and read parts I-XII.

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