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Nobody thinks you are dumb hicks; now could you kindly stop voting GOP, please?

Neil the Werewolf gives us the take of his red-state friend on what the Democrats can do to improve their electoral prospects:

Look, here's what I think that style really needs to address. Red-staters (myself included) have a serious inferiority complex with respect to people on the coasts. Whether easterners consider themselves elite or not is really besides the point. The fact is people in the Midwest (I don't know the South) suspect that easterners think we're just a bunch of ass backwards hicks, and we worry and worry about showing that (i) we're not, and (ii) we don't care what they think anyway. Part of the reason Bush goes over so well in the Midwest is that he's one of "us" -- yeah, yeah, he's privilleged, but he speaks naturally in religious terms, which counts for a lot. Voting for Bush is actually a sort of populist move for many red-staters: it's a way of saying fuck you to the elite easterners who think they know everything and put us down.

Well, okay ... here's a couple of things I don't understand, though:

1. If Midwesterners are worried about showing Coasters/Blue-staters that they are not a bunch of ass-backwards hicks, then why don't they vote Democratic? That would presumably go a long way in convincing Blue-staters of their non-hicktude.

2. Given that this inferiority complex is not based on anything Blue-staters actually say or do, but is instead created out of whole cloth, is catering to the delusions of Midwesterners really the wisest strategy?

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