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Now that's what I call irony

U.S. soldier treading carefully so as not to inflame Islamic passions

The wingnuts are all over Newsweek for supposedly setting off riots by reporting a story about US personnel at GITMO flushing the Koran down the toilet. Suddenly, they are very concerned about dead Muslims. 'Liberal Lunacy' says that Newsweek "has blood on its hands." The headline of the Malkins' post is "NEWSWEEK LIED. PEOPLE DIED."

So let me see if I have this straight:

Report a possibly mistaken story, dozens die: bloody-handed murderers.

Go to war under false pretenses, tens of thousands die: heroic liberators!

Mark Noonan, though, tops them all:

Here we have the United States engaged in war with Islamic fundamentalists who view the United States as the Great Satan out to destroy all that his holy. Most Moslems don't actually subscribe to this line of thinking, but throughout this war we have tread carefully so as not to inflame Islamic passions and give our terrorist enemies a propaganda tool to recruit even more terrorists.

Yes, we wouldn't want to give terrorists a propaganda tool, now would we?

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