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Prof. Leiter tells it like it is

Brian Leiter on the filibuster issue (italics his, bold mine):

Unsurprisingly, the main focus is on the procedural issues, and the propriety of changing long-standing Senate rules. But we should not forget the real issue, which is that the Republican Party of Bush, DeLay, Frist & co. is as close to unadulterated evil as anyone in the United States has seen in my lifetime: it is the party of theocracy..., the party that revived the Nazi doctrine of “preventive” war , the party that supports torture, the party that undermines science, the party of radical regressive taxation, the party of naked and unapologetic bigotry against gays, the party that aims to destroy the main state protections (paltry as they are in America) for the indigent, the bankrupt, the ill, the elderly. It is the party of unbridled greed and (largely) unbridled cruelty ...

... the Republican Party that is setting the agenda and making policy in Washington, D.C. is the most evil U.S. Administration in living memory, and any discussion of the filibuster ought to keep that fact squarely in focus.

For the strongest moral case for retaining the filibuster isn’t, in my view, the process-based arguments that dominate the headlines (though they have some merit); it is the substantive argument, namely, that the party in power in Washington, D.C. is a danger to humanity, at home and abroad, and everything must be done to stop it from making lifetime appointments of religious zealots and bigots ...

... While the independence of the judiciary is a good in its own right, it is an especially important good when its independence is to be sacrificed to the forces of evil. And that is what is to be decided in Washington, D.C. in the next 48 hours.

Perhaps one of the small number of genuine social democrats and progressives in the Democratic Party will have the courage to say the word "evil" out loud, to point out that if the filibuster falls, we are consigning our judiciary to the likes of moral monsters like Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, and Dick Cheney. "God help us," as they say, if that comes to pass.

Amen. I'm going to remember this post the next time someone accuses leftists of being 'relativists' or unwilling to distinguish between good and evil.

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