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A rare instance of Republican candor

Mark Noonan:

Hey, Democrats, do you want to know why we keep winning? Because in the great political game of the United States, we're always coming down loudly on the side of this little girl:

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) A public school prohibited a second grader from singing a religious song at a talent show, prompting a lawsuit Friday alleging violation of the girl's constitutional rights.

There is no establishment of religion if an 8 year old girl voluntarily sings a song at school with religious content in it. Now, mind you, I'm not saying that it was the Democratic Party which stopped this girl from singing...but in the fight to allow her to sing, it will be the Democratic Party which will either be absent, or actually coming down on the side of the idiot school administrators who decided that if this girl sings, theocracy is imminent.

Now, I doubt that you'll hear any Democrats saying that 'theocracy is imminent' if the girl is allowed to sing. But Mark is right that you probably won't hear the kind of hysterical screeching from Dems that you will from the GOP about this completely trivial issue.

Much of politics is difficult and complicated; shit like this easy is simple, easy to understand. We on the Left tend to ignore it, because it's unimportant; the Right makes a huge deal of it precisely because it's unimportant. Thus people without the time or inclination to follow real political events end up hearing about stuff like this, and they associate the GOP with the 'right' side of it.

The key word is Mark's comment is that the GOP comes down loudly in favor of this little girl. If there's one thing they are good at, it's making a lot of fucking noise.

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