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The real agenda

The more the Right-wing bloggers go on about the Newsweek 'scandal', the more the true source of their ire begins to display itself. They're still paying lip-service to the rioting deaths, but they're being a less covert about the fact that their real problem with Newsweek is its negative coverage of the Bush administration. Immediately after admonishing Newsweek for contributing to 17 deaths, Roger Kimball turns around and says:
Not that I have much time for those rioters--they are murderous thugs.
Mark Noonan's also moved on to blaming Muslims:
... for too many Moslems it seems that their religion can (A) do no wrong and (B) must never be challenged in public. I know we've got to be extra sensitive to Moslem concerns as a practical matter in the pursuit of victory in the War on Terrorism, but I'm point-blank challenging all Moslems to grow up a bit and stop thinking of their religion as holding some extra-special place in the world ...

We've spent our blood and treasure, again and again, bringing succor to Moslem peoples and it is high time we got a bit of turn-about as fair play.

As for the 'MSM', Noonan says:
I've had it up to here a bit with them as well ... [Terrorists] hate us all, and all of us must oppose them...and for the MSM, opposing them means stop trying to be "fair" to the terrorists.

Stop calling the terrorists "insurgents", "militants", "radicals" or what have you. Call them what they are: murdering, terrorist fiends ... It is past time for the MSM to get on the right side of the river; the United States military is the best friend the MSM ever had, because without the US military the MSM would cease to exist. Report the truth; but the truth is that our troops are magnificent, while our enemies are base and without the slightest merit on their side.

Assmissile is outraged that in the wake of Newsweek's treason, reporters are still daring to challenge the administration! At the White House press briefing, some reporters pressed Scott McClellan on the issue of judicial filibusters. Assmissile says:
It didn't seem to occur to any of the reporters that they were exhibiting the same kind of anti-administration partisanship that got Newsweek into trouble.
As for their questions about the Newsweek story itself:
One might have thought that journalists would be a bit chastened in asking questions about this debacle. But no ... At some point, if I were running the administration, I would re-think whether it makes any sense to continue being polite and cooperative toward reporters.
Yes, the White House has been so accommodating toward the press up to now. The wingnut bloggers know that the only way to control the press is to bully it into submission.

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