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Special ed for the Power Line kids

From Power Line:

The Pentagon reports that the Guantanamo detainee who claimed in August 2002 that a guard flushed a Koran down a toilet (do they have really big toilets there, or what?) was recently re-interviewed, and recanted the allegation.

You know, a cynic might put it like this: he was recently "re-interviewed," and he "recanted" the allegation.

By the way, I've heard a lot of wingnut bloggers saying things like, 'How could you flush a whole book down the toilet, anyway?' I'm not sure if they're serious or not; some of them seem to think that this actually constitutes some sort of reason to think the story is untrue. If anyone does think this, let me enlighten you: obviously, you cannot flush a whole, intact book down a toilet. You can, however, tear pages out of a book and flush those down the toilet.

Was that really that hard to figure out?

Anyway, Ass Missile asks:

Do you think that will quiet the "Newsweek was right!" chorus from the left? No, I don't either.

Uh huh huh, no I don't, Ass Missile. Because that detainee is not the only one making this claim, you stupid asshole:

Newsweek report on Quran matches many earlier accounts

Contrary to White House assertions, the allegations of religious desecration at Guantanamo published by Newsweek May 6 are common among ex-prisoners and have been widely reported outside the United States, RAW STORY has learned.

Several former detainees at the Guantanamo and Bagram airbase prisons have reported instances of their handlers sitting or standing on the Quran, throwing or kicking it in toilets, and urinating on it ... reports of desecration are manifold.

I'm sure this is all some big conspiracy, though.

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