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What the hell were my fellow left-of-center bloggers thinking?

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has surveyed a number of "left of center" bloggers, asking them who their favorite columnists are. Today, he tells us the top 15.

I was one of the bloggers surveyed. Only 5 of my choices made the top 15 (Paul Krugman, Molly Ivins, Joe Conason, David Corn, Eric Alterman). Most of the other ten are decent enough, though. But there are a few that make me wonder about my fellow lefty bloggers. For instance: Michael Kinsley?? The title of his latest article was:

Bush Gets B+ for Honesty, Even Courage, on Social Security

OK, for one thing, Bush has never done anything courageous in his life. For another, Kinsley's analysis of Social Security is completely wrong, as demonstrated here.

And Maureen Dowd? First of all, just look at her. Plus, I can't think of a 'liberal' columnist who has trumpeted more GOP lies than Dowd.

And Christopher Fucking Hitchens?!? (And he got two first-place votes!) If you a liberal/leftist/Democrat, your favorite columnist should not be an enthusiastic Bush supporter and war monger like Hitchens.


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