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Where have you gone, Barack Obama?

David Sirota is disappointed in Obama so far:
I have high hopes for Sen. Barack Obama ... Obama has all the trappings of a leader who could break conventions and be a serious voice for progressives on the national stage. Unfortunately, his first six months in office have given progressives a reason to be worried that he will be just another cog in the Establishment's machine, throwing his significant political capital behind some of the worst initiatives to move through Congress.

Despite his anti-war positions as a candidate in 2004, Obama's second vote as a U.S. Senator was in support of confirming Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State. He also voted to confirm John Negroponte as Director of National Intelligence, despite Negroponte's involvement in Iran-Contra and other situations that clearly raise questions about his ethics and discretion. Obama also voted for a bill to limit citizens rights to seek legal redress against abusive corporations. During the bankruptcy debate, he helped vote down a Democratic amendment to cap the abusive interest rates credit card companies could charge. And now, Obama cast a key procedural vote in support of President Bush's right-wing judges.

Maybe the Great Progressive Hope was too good to be true. These are pretty major betrayals. Sirota is still holding out hope that Obama might eventually start acting more like the progressive we thought he was, but even if he does, he'll have to do quite a bit to make up for this shit.

Thanks for letting us down, Senator Obama.

Don't worry, though: there's someone waiting in the wings who will be a genuinely progressive senator...

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