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Why should the left defend Newsweek?

Kevin Drum says:
I'm annoyed at Newsweek for knuckling under to the Pentagon over its Koran desecration piece, I'm annoyed at the reflexive press bashers for piling on even though Newsweek's reporters did nothing that every other reporter in Washington hasn't done a dozen times before, and I'm annoyed at my fellow liberals, who have been tepid in defense of Newsweek because the piece in question was written by Michael Isikoff, against whom we are all expected to hold a lifetime grudge because of his treatment of Bill Clinton.

Someone want to tell me why we should be defending Newsweek at all? Fuck Newsweek. My concern vis-a-vis the Koran-in-the-toilet issue is the right wing's ability to bully and manipulate the press, not Newsweek getting its reputation sullied.

Newsweek is not our friend. They haven't challenged the lies of the Bush administration any more than any other corporate media outlet. Michael Isikoff isn't our friend, and not because of the Clinton stuff, but because he's just another corporate media whore.

It is the tactics of the GOP and their allies in the media and the blogosphere that we should oppose. We should not involve ourselves in defending Newsweek's honor, because they have none.

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