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16-year-old boy has an abortion

This is fucking disgusting:
Doctors in Bangladesh have a removed a living fetus from inside the body of his 16-year-old twin brother.

The unborn fetus was found inside the boy, Abu Raihan, during an operation Saturday, the Daily Star News reported Sunday.

The 3.3-pound fetus had hair, legs and genitals, but very little development of the head and brain. The fetus had two teeth and two slightly developed hands.

"We were prepared for such a surprise," said Professor MA Majid, a surgeon. "Medical science says it is possible but this is the first such case in my professional life."

The condition was caused during the mother's pregnancy, when the growth of the twin embryos in the uterus was imbalanced. Due to a lack of space in the mother's uterus, one of the embryos entered into the other due to lack of space.

"It is called 'macerated baby' in medical science that grows by taking nutrition through its brother's placenta circulation," said Majid.

Bitch. Ph.D. says:
I await the pro-life argument that this 16yo boy shouldn't have had an abortion.

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