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Billmon swallows some right-wing propaganda

In wingnuttia (a.k.a. fantasyland), Howard Dean is driving people away from the Democratic Party in droves. Despite the fact that there is no evidence of this whatsoever, some lefties are nonetheless buying into this notion. Billmon says:
Is it time for the Dems to get something going in the bullpen? As much as I hate to say it, unless Dean can settle down and get off his gaffe-a-day treadmill, maybe it would be best if he hit the showers.

I said Monday the Democrats need blowtorches like Dean, and I still think it's true. But they don't need one who burns off his own foot every time he turns the flames on. Sure the GOP is monolithic -- not to mention monochromatic -- and getting more so all the time. But Dean really did sound like he was dissing white Christians (approximately 60% of the electorate.) At the least, it's extremely easy for the Dean haters to spin it that way.

I'd say Dean is about one more gaffe away from being "Gringrichized" -- if he isn't there already. And yes, the conservative hyena pack and the vultures in the corporate media have certainly blown things out of proportion. But really, if you want to pitch in the majors, you've got to be able to put the ball in the catcher's mitt every once and awhile. And right now it's just not clear that Howard Dean can do that.
Please, my fellow lefties: stop believing that we are ever going to be immune to right-wing carping. Trust me when I say that they will bitch and moan and tell us we are extremists who are out of touch with the average man no matter what. Stop trying to anticipate and avoid GOP spin. We could appoint Joe Lieberman as DNC chair, and they would be painting him as a card-carrying Marxist before you can say Vichy Democrat.

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