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A call for a truce

Not by me--Bob at Kerry for President 2008 is calling for lefties to stop the infighting (I'm not saying that I'm necessarily against a truce, though I do admit that trucing in general is not in my nature):

I read a post tonight about how disappointing John Kerry was. He hadn't presented the Downing Street Memo to the Senate yet, and everyone was piling on.

Or how Howard Dean shouldn't have opened his mouth and say that Republicans were the party of "white Christians".

Or how Barack Obama was a big disappointment because he criticized Howard Dean.

Cut it out.

All of you.

We are all Democrats, Progressives, Feminists, Greens and concerned citizens. The future of America is at stake.

We cannot fight each other or we shall all lose. America shall lose. And this is not an acceptable option.

...Let us join together and strategize, support, communicate, educate, and finance the opposition that must succeed in 2006 and 2008 and on.

Too much is at stake. Peace everyone?

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