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Daily Show

From Left I on the News:
Last night's Daily Show featured Jon Stewart doing his usual fawning over the levers of power, in this case Colin Powell (video here at Crooks and Liars). His questions weren't total softballs, but he wasn't about to challenge any of the nonsense spewing from Powell's mouth either.

...Jon Stewart should do a little less fawning and a little more homework.

I love the Daily Show, but I can't help but agree with this. I understand that Stewart's job isn't to grill politicians, but it's quite unseemly to watch him make nice with some of the most despicable political figures out there (Newt Gingrich was a recent guest, and Bob Dole has appeared often).

The low-point was when Stewart interviewed Henry Kissinger. There's something about chatting with war criminals on a sofa that kind of kills the comedy for me.

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