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Don't fuck with Dean

Steve Gilliard:
You know, this is really simple: fuck with Howard Dean at your peril.

Joe Biden, who sometimes does the right thing, should realize that his time has passed. Nancy Pelosi tried to get her man Tim Roemer in the DNC job and that blew up in her face. So now, they want to play cut Dean off at the knees.

...Atrios has raised $30K in one day in an off election year. It will hit $50K before tomorrow morning. This among people who are wary of the DNC in many cases.

Let me explain something: the Deaniacs are the heart of the party. They're the people doing the legwork and keeping Democracy for America going and are the people who will volunteer for your campaigns. They aren't the only voice, but they need to be respected. Because they are the ones who will be there for you.

If you keep after Dean, the people you need the most will not be there.

...Look, you guys can all post on TPM Cafe about how the Dems need to listen to you, but the cold, hard fact is that your positions lost. They lost badly. Don't pretend that you have some secret. Tom Coburn is a US Senator. You have no secrets.

Realize this: the average Democratic activist is loyal to Dean, not you. Keep attacking him and your next campaign might be quite rocky.

Loyalty is a two way street and people like Dean a lot more than you.

One person who's seemed to have wised up is John Kerry. While everyone likes to smack him around like a pinata for losing, he's not the one jumping on Dean. He's not playing the GOP beat your wife game. Others could learn from that example.

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