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Trevino at calls for a draft:
two postulates... : first, that the volunteer Army as an institution cannot sustain the present effort; second, that the war is not sustainable in the long run without substantial American involvement.

...These are not, I think, particularly debatable points, though this does not mean some won't try. On the first, it is enough to note that we cannot plausibly threaten another nation should we need to ...; that our Reserve and Guard units are tapped out at a rate previously envisioned only for a third world war scenario; ... that recruiting is, as has been well-documented, suffering badly; and that many units and personnel are on their third battlefield rotation in two years.

...The volunteer Army ... insulat[es] the mass of Americans from the realities of wartime and its demands. The post-Vietnam Army that could not go to war without uprooting the Guard and Reserves was supposed to convey that sacrifice to main street America by dint of that uprooting: we can now fairly say that its effect does not even begin to approximate that of the draft. Whether these positives outweigh the massive negative of an Army under crushing strain a mere two years into a prolonged insurgency depends entirely upon one's point of view. Libertarians unable to give a damn about persons neither American nor within line of sight will think so. Leftists of the type whose hatred of the Bush Administration outweighs the normal impetus of patriotism and humanity will think so ...

Americans of ordinary sense will not.

And Armando from Daily Kos thinks a draft might be necessary for reasons beyond Iraq:

While Bushco's monumental mendacious blunder into the Iraq Debacle is the immediate cause of this crisis, the issue seems to extend beyond this. We must consider the real possibility that our nation will need to fight a war which will result in significant casualties. War is always always always a last resort, but it still is a resort.

Have we been kidding ourselves on believing an all volunteer force is adequate for our national security needs? And if it isn't, do we want a draft? And if not a draft then what?

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