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The Gipper

I am a war criminal.

Right in Texas says:

Unarguably, one of this country's best presidents, Ronald Reagan, passed away one year ago today, June 5th, 2004 at 93.

I'm not sure what she means to say is unarguable: that Reagan was one of the country's best presidents, or that he passed away a year ago.

If she means the latter, then yes, that is unarguable.

If she means the former ... wow, that's fucking delusional.

I guess people who will believe that the Contras were "freedom fighters" will believe anything. I suggest asking the people of Nicaragua, Guatemala, or El Salvador if they would like to argue with the claim that Reagan was one of the best presidents.

(You could also ask Nelson Mandela, who was considered a terrorist by the Reagan administration.)

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