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God hates you (part 2)

Bitch, Ph.D. says:

The fact that lovely, beautiful tobacco smoking causes so many diseases pretty much proves that there is no god.

Well, not necessarily. God might just be a sadistic bastard who likes screwing with people.

Now that I think about it, that would explain a lot. The older I get, the more I think that maybe the Gnostics had it right after all ...
Gnosticism preached that the God of Judeo-Christian tradition -- the God of the Bible -- was an imposter, an insane "demiurge" who sloppily created our false reality of flesh and sorrow, and who has no relation to the true Supreme Being whose existence is distant and removed from our corrupt world. (Link.)

Gnostic mythology ... holds that the world was created not by the God that's all-Good, but by an insane demigod and his assistants, the Archons, who rely on control of the created world for their continued existence ... this insane demiurge isn't *evil* in the way that we understand evil. Rather, it's mad, schizophrenic even, with a bona-fide God complex (probably the biggest one) ... It was created by accident, as an improper iteration within the fractal equation that brought about Being, and it resides, with us, within its creation, an imperfect, incomplete, illusory and often insane reality. (Link.)

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