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God & politics roundup

-The Supreme Court issues something of a split decision on the issue of public displays of the Ten Commandments.

-Via Daou, Christian Conservative argues that without God, we can't be good people:
Today’s political left may not appreciate enough a man named Jean Paul Sartre ... Before reading a summary of his “Atheistic Existentialism” it became obvious to me how the life’s work of this French intellectual and communist sympathizer must have influenced the American Left, particularly the universities.

...To the French intellectual, Sartre’s only value we should concern ourself with is “human freedom”. Freedom to do what, though? Are you free to abandon your newborn in a junkyard? Free to steal your neighbors power tools? Free to threaten racial violence?

... As soon as we become our own judge and jury, our patently obvious bias frees us from objectively policing our own behavior. When there are no fixed moral boundaries outside the human, when we can create our own code of ethics as free individuals, we are far more susceptible to evil due to group and individual moral blind spots.

...If there is no omnipresent God observing us, we have less to fear. Sure we can fool some of the people some of the time, but we can’t fool God any of the time. Accountability is a good progenitor of ethical human behavior, divine accountability is the greatest progenitor of ethical behavior.

Can an Atheist still retain a sense of moral values? Of course. But to what degree?

... it is clear that without the fear of the Lord, things become mushy and wishy washy, standards of behavior become pliable and easy to blow off, and our behavior follows suit.

-Also via Daou, Anarchoblogs (which also hosted the most recent Carnival of the Un-Capitalists) finds a website devoted to anarchism and Jesus.

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