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Good question

A Kos diarist asks:
If Team GOPUSA really believed Durbin's comments would get Americans killed and actually cared about that notion, perhaps they wouldn't be pulling out all the stops to make this story as loud and long-lived as possible. I mean, employing the Republican logic for a moment, if someone yells fire in a crowded theater, does one hand the person a megaphone and ask them to repeat themselves? Ad nauseum?

...and then derives two responses to use when a wingnut starts whining about Durbin:
  • If the Republicans actually cared about the effect of these comments, they wouldn't be using all their powers to keep those comments in the public spotlight for as long as possible
  • Your implied argument is that, so long as America doesn't descend to the point where direct comparisons can be made between ourselves and history's murderous rogues gallery, we're doing just fine.

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