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Having a ball (or two)

A small Illinois town prepares for its annual 'Testicle Festival':
Euphemisms abound for the, uh, delicacy that will be the focus of a festival Saturday in Mount Sterling, Ill., about 90 miles north of St. Louis. Kevin Huston, who owns the Sportsman's Club bar, which is hosting the festival, has heard 'em all: cowboy caviar, swinging beef, mountain oysters, lamb fries. But folks in Mount Sterling (population 2,077) don't mince words, so the festival is known simply as the Sportsman's Club Testicle Festival.

...The little festival, which used to draw 100 or so people to the bar, ballooned to 2,000 or so people. They wolfed down the testicle cache. The bar even ran out of beer.

Hat tip to Birdblog.

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