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Auguste at Malkin(s) Watch points to this post, wherein the Malkins express surprise that Hillary isn't a shoe-in for the '08 nomination.

Bob Novak visits California and finds "surprising and substantial opposition" among Democrat elites to nominating Hillary Clinton for President in '08 ... Like many others, I had assumed Ms. Clinton had the '08 nomination locked up. Now I'm not so sure.
The 'many others' who made this assumption are nearly all Republicans. GOPers need to understand that we are not nearly as obsessed with the Clintons as they are. Many of us, especially those of us who consider ourselves progressives, are downright skeptical of a Hillary run for president.

In many ways, the Clinton presidency was quite damaging to progressives. Clinton did as much to mainstream radical conservativism as any Republican did. Many Republicans, blinded by their hatred of the man personally, fail to see what a victory for conservativism Clinton's ascendancy was.

But to those of us who do realize this, it is not surprising that many Dems have not embraced a Hillary candidacy in '08, and maybe never will. I'm not saying I wouldn't support her, but let's just say she has a lot of convincing to do. First and foremost, we would need to be sure that a Hillary Clinton administration wouldn't just be the Bill Clinton administration redux.

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